Hygiene And Maintenance: The Right Steps To Have An Impeccable Commercial Space All Year Round

The workplace is a space that must be clean and impeccable throughout the year, especially if you are used to receiving customers, providers or suppliers. A clean commercial premise also contributes to the well-being of your employees on a daily basis: hygiene and maintenance are therefore not to be neglected or to take second place. Here is a guide to present you the good gestures to adopt and the tasks to be carried out to have impeccable commercial premises and to convey, at the same time, a good image of your business.

For Impeccable Commercial Premises, Clean And Dust Daily

Just like in your home, dust settles every day on office furniture as well as on computer equipment in your room. It is, therefore, very important to clean and dust them daily.

Preferably use microfiber cloths that will capture the dust without moving it. By eliminating dust, your employees will feel comfortable in a clean environment on a daily basis, and this will greatly limit the risks of allergy.

For Impeccable Commercial Premises, Wash The Windows Frequently

Contrary to popular belief, the windows should be washed frequently, at least once every two weeks. This involves removing all traces of pollution, rain and pollen during the spring season.

Good to know: Windows are an essential element in the life of a business. They allow the entry of light and make rooms more spacious, larger and therefore more pleasant in everyday life. Since they contribute to creating a good working atmosphere, the windows must, therefore, be impeccable throughout the year.

For Impeccable Commercial Premises, Clean Your Carpets And Rugs Regularly

If your room has carpets and rugs, watch out for allergies and skin irritations. Indeed, these materials constitute ideal habitats for mites, microbes and bacteria of all kinds. Most people mistakenly think it is enough to have them cleaned once a year. This frequency is totally wrong, at least for business. It could be a good frequency for a home since you take off your shoes every time you enter your house, and there are fewer passages. In business life, on the other hand, employees do not remove their shoes as soon as they set foot on them, whatever the weather (rain, snow, etc.). Therefore, bacteria and microbes are brought daily under the soles of your staff and if you multiply this phenomenon by the number of people working on the premises. You can easily imagine the result from a health point of view.

For reasons of hygiene at work, it is therefore strongly recommended to clean the carpets as well as the carpets at least 4 to 5 times a year with the material and the products adapted to eliminate bacteria as much as possible. Thus, the workspaces will be healthier and more conducive to the well being of your employees.

For Impeccable Commercial Premises, Pickle And Wax Floors Diligently

Like carpets, floors that are made of other materials (wood, linoleum, tiles, etc.) are subject to high passage frequencies, which contributes to wear and tear and quickly damage them. It is, therefore, necessary to strip and wax them regularly so that the interior of your premises is clean and presentable in everyday life. Once your floor has been stripped and the bacteria eliminated, you can proceed with the waxing. Waxing gives your floors a second life. Without it, your floor may well lose its shine.