Gaskets made from Viton withstand heats, aggressive fuels, and compression set and likewise, they resist temperatures, oils, and chemicals while maintaining their mechanical residential or commercial properties.

The benefit of Viton for Pass Away Cut Gaskets

Viton gaskets are made from high-performance fluoroelastomers that supply impressive resistance to heat. These rubber gaskets usually support temperature levels from 15 ° F to 400 ° F and appropriate for applications that reach 500 ° F periodically. Gaskets made from Viton likewise supply exceptional resistance to:

  • Oils
  • Alkalis
  • focused bases
  • most mineral acids
  • oxidation, weather condition, and sun
  • mold and fungi

Significantly, rubber gaskets made from Viton supply excellent resistance to compression set, even at heats over extended periods. Gaskets made from this DuPont elastomer likewise have exceptional electrical residential or commercial properties for low-voltage, low-frequency applications.

Extra benefits of Viton ® for elastomeric gaskets consist of:

  • excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • outstanding solvent and oil resistance
  • low burning attributes

Kinds of Viton for Pass Away Cut Gaskets

Fluorine portions vary and differ from 66% to 70%. Lettered classifications (A, B, F) show the fluorine material and, in turn, the elastomer’s relative resistance to fluid and chemical attack. Grades with more enormous quantities of fluorine have a higher resistance to these attacks, however, provide less low-temperature versatility.

Gaskets made of Viton can pass away cut from active, sponge, or foam rubber. Many gaskets made of Viton are black, white, or brown; nevertheless, customized compounding can develop personalized colors.

Applications of Viton for Rubber Gaskets

With its fuel resistance and low burning attributes, Viton was utilized initially in the aerospace market. Today, gaskets made from Viton are being used in the vehicle, fluid power, home appliance, and chemical applications. The intro of FDA grades of Viton has extended usings this fluoroelastomer to the food processing and pharmaceutical markets.

Viton gaskets are advised for severe, high-temperature environments. Viton is likewise utilized in fuel seals, T-seals, cap seals, and radial lip seals in pumps.

What is Viton rubber utilized for?

As we have pointed out formerly, Viton is a resilient product for Gaskets, seals, and o-rings, all of which can be defined and produced here at Martin’s Rubber; either to your bespoke requirements or as off-the-shelf parts. As we have gone over, there are various grades of Viton, so it is still crucial to comprehend the needs of the application and guarantee that the best category is utilized, so do make sure you ask a specialist here at Martins Rubber before you make your last option of Viton.

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